Why You Should Buy Refurbished Phones

Whenever there is something new, there is a craze. And, so is true for refurbished phones. However, the craze for refurbished phones is deserving and worthwhile. In, recent times, a new version of smartphone emerged and it is the refurbished version of smartphones for sure. Now, you might be thinking, what a refurbished phone is? So, here is the definition of a refurbished phone. 
A refurbished phone is the unboxed or pre-used phone which is again brought back to its almost initial condition and re-sold at a discounted rate. These phones are not mere alternative to second hand phones but are something roe than that. Let us see the concept in details. 
Often there are minor defects at the manufacturer’s end that occurs in a phone. What the manufacturer does to resell it is, correct that particular defect, makes the handset pass through stringent quality check and then lets it off to market for sale. Again, there is another form as well. A phone, when sold back to the dealer within 30 days of its initial purchase is also known as refurbished phone. 
You might think why to buy such a phone? The answer is to get save on your pocket and own a high-end phone at the same time. An iPhone or Samsung S series is not worth everyone’s affordability but a refurbished version of these are surely affordable. However, there are reasonable ones as well coming in further affordable rate. If you take Micromax mobile below 10000 for example, you can get this particular phone in further reduced rate. In addition, portals like togofogo offers deals with it. 
A smartphone or tablet is something that can create temptation and using one handset for a long time becomes monotonous for most of us. So, manufacturers, have come up with this solution by joining hands with big dealers from the market. One cannot afford a high-end smartphone every year. So, the best way to deal with this problem is by purchasing a refurbished model. This not only allows you to own a high-end smartphone at an affordable rate but also enable you to change it to a newer version frequently. 
Refurbished phones have the potential to stand at par with the new models as they are passed through extensive quality check, in terms of hardware, software and other applications. After qualifying through a thorough quality check, these phones are brought to market for sale. Also, there is something more to it. You get one year warranty as well with these phones.  The ESN number (Electronic serial number) is also intact underneath the battery. So, you can easily get in touch with the manufacturer and know the entire history of the phone.
Also, these phones are cleared from all sort of aspects from their previous owner or manufacturer and only the factory setting is restored for its authenticity. Sometimes, you might not get the warranty from the manufacturer but the ones which are given by the third party are also worth buying as the third party warranty also has the same features. The only thing that you need to check is whether the phone you are buying is locked or unlocked. It is important to unlock the phone from the previous service provider or else you need to use the sim of that particular provider only.
With online portals coming in and being the talk of the town, this is the easiest mode to buy a refurbished phone as well. You have the return policy, cash on delivery and customer care to assist you with your entire buying process. Hence, it becomes hassle free for you to buy via portals like Togofogo.
The price, the quality, the warranty and overall buying process makes refurbished phones worth buying at every stage. All you need to do is, do a thorough check to finalize the model you are looking for. If you ever had a dream of owning an Apple or Samsung or HTC, refurbished ones are the apt ones. Don’t pay exorbitant amount and use a phone for decade. Buy affordable yet latest ones and keep the ability to change it frequently.

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  1. Refurbished mobiles have low battery back up I have heard about this, but the above explained article explained to be right for refurbished cell phones as not all other mobiles have battery back up problems as compare to others.