6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Samsung Mobiles in India

Mobile phones are probably one of the most in-demand pieces of technology ever created! It is just about impossible to live without one. And when we speak of mobile phones, there are two major brands that come into our mind. Either Apple or Samsung. These two giants have gone on to define and redefine mobile phones for us! While both these phones provide two completely different types of user experience, there are a few reasons that make Samsung the undoubted winner (Hello, Bluetooth?).

So for this article, we came up with the six main reasons why you should ditch the traditional iPhone and go the Samsung way!

The price of an iPhone ranges anywhere between 30,000-80,000 INR. The Samsung mobile phone price in India is the way lesser as compare to other mobiles or I Phone. Samsung Smartphone mobile price 10000 and less is still a possibility where the quality is not compromised in any way. So whether you pay 10000 bucks for a basic Smartphone from Samsung or 40,000 Rupees for a higher priced Galaxy range, the quality will be equally good (the features may differ based on the price, however). Apple, on the other hand, comes with one new shade for its iPhone and increases the price like it’s no big deal! 

Talking about durability and quality, even hardcore Apple lovers would accept that Samsung beats their beloved I Phones by a ton! Samsung mobile with price comes with quality that is worth the money! It is almost like you get what you pay for. The speed, the user friendliness, and the software system are just some of the few points that really make Samsung phones stand out! Additionally, Samsung mobile phone price in India ranges anywhere between 10,000 Rupees and more so the durability is something that you can really count on since you probably don’t want to be investing another chunk of money on repairs, right?

Okay, this goes against the monotony, but Samsung phones ARE INDEED more user-friendly in the terms that they do not just bind us with other Samsung products! You have access to Bluetooth, SD cards, and way more applications if you choose a Samsung India mobile instead of an Apple. Plus, the phones are generally very user-friendly in the sense that anyone from any age group can get a hold of these phones in a matter of days where it takes MONTHS (been there, done that) to understand how an overpriced iPhone works. (And by the time you understand it, they come up with a new model anyway so it is like a loop)


Android, as compare to iOS any day, is enough said by someone.
 No, but seriously, updating your software system is the same for every phone whether it is a Samsung mobile phones below 10,000 or 40,000; unlike Apple phones where you go through 500 different problems if you have an older model instead of the overpriced new ones.

2.      App Store vs. PLAY STORE
Even hardcore apple fans will not have the courage to say that the App store is in any way better than the play store. With an array of different applications (hello, freedom of choice) the Play Store is like a dream come true for all application lovers. Except being easy to navigate through and download, this store has something for almost everyone!

3.      Overall

Through the points stated above, it is more than clear that Samsung India mobile is better than Apple in many ways! But those were not the only reasons. Overall, Samsung phone have many more features (wireless charging, weather sealing and more) that make them stand out and worth every penny you pay for. However, if the price is still a little out of budget for you, refurbished Samsung phones are way easier to find on the market than Apple iPhones. And Samsung mobile with price 15,000 and less is what it costs for the refurbished models which are almost like a dream come true!

Lastly, just remember, even if you don’t have an iPhone, you can have a Samsung and be more than satisfied! So make sure you make the right choice.

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  1. Nowadays, Samsung Mobiles are one of the leading Smartphones in mobile phone industry. I have seen many other portals where they sell other brands like HTC, Gionee, Xiaomi etc, but nothing better than Samsung as explained above. Its valuable and nice information given by Togofogo. Thanks for sharing it.