The Wonderful World of Unboxed Mobile Phones.

People all over the globe are searching for a number of ways, through which they can go green, this includes using recycled gadgets. These are known as Refurbished HTC mobile phones, they are either factory seconds, pre owned or refurbished in some way, yet fully functional.

Many online retailers have noticed that this is one demand that is yet to be catered to and some have started to offer refurbished phones at very humble prices. This consumer trend is also catching on in India, where refurbished phones are popular as they are very cost efficient. These retailers offer phones that are not only very cheap but also come with service guarantees, warranty and returns also.
Most of these websites will offer Unboxed mobile, factory seconds and refurbished phones at high value prices. There are just some kinds of refurbishing that is carried out on gadgets; some of them have been explained before:

Unboxed Smartphones:
These phones are known as unboxed ones as the original seals have been opened but the device remains unused, they have simply been taken out of their cartons or ‘unboxed’. All of these products are sold as refurbished or unboxed as they have been opened and still have their full warranty period. Sellers will often offer an extended warranty on those gadgets that have very little warranty time left.  

Refurbished Mobile Phones:
These mobiles are often used, Unboxed mobile, factory seconds or customer returns, they are all repaired and tested before they are resold. Normally you would get a full OEM warranty or it can be in an extended form. These gadgets may possess very small signs of wear, damage, scratches but they are all in good working condition. Either the seller or the manufacturer takes up the process of repairing the device before he sells it.   

Various Brands and Models:
You can get phones and accessories from the top brands like Nokia, Blackberry, Apple, and Alcatel, just to name a few. All mobiles are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and are tested out completely before they are sold. Some resellers will also let you exchange your used device and offer you added discounts based on the condition of your old handset. You can get the latest models with various specifications and can even find older, discontinued models and get them at awesome rates. 
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