Why Old phones with warranty with warranty need to be refurbished

You can lots of blogs online that explain just how great or beneficial refurbished phones really are, and just how easy and safe it is to purchase one. Many of these Old phones with warranty work like new, prevent electronic waste and don’t cost as much as new ones.

Despite the many reasons out there for buying one, there is very little information on why these devices are refurbished and what the term refurbished means. This can also be a reason why some consumers may still be hesitant about buying reconditioned goods. This write up lists all the possible reasons why devices get refurbished.

Returned goods are a kind of revamped goods, these are items that were purchase as brand new and then returned because the buyer did not like it for some reason. All retailers guarantee a returns policy on their goods and those that do come back are then inspected and repaired before resale. These are commonly known as customer returns, all malfunctions and errors are corrected and then sold as refurbished.

In some cases, there is nothing really wrong with the phone but the customer returns it as he may have received the wrong order, incorrect product colour and then sends it back to the retailer. These Certifiedpre-owned mobile are called unboxed phones and are another kind of reconditioned gadgets, as the box has simply been opened but the gadgets remains unused. Certain gizmos are also treated as demo units, shop models; these are not essentially worn in any way but have been unboxed and are therefore sold as revamped goods.

These are all essentially new as they have not been used at all; the only kind of reconditioned goods are those that have been pre owned. These phones are bought by customers, used for certain amount of time and the sold. These phones are formatted, given new components, casing or screens and even new software is added, if these are necessary. Resellers of Certified pre-owned mobile will also add new accessories so that buyers can then get the whole product experience of the smartphone, even though it is a previously owned one.

Other kinds of refurbished gadgets are factory seconds; these are products that are rejected immediately after manufacturing as they have some minor flaws or wrong parts or accessories. These are not sold in retail stores and are instead sent over to authorised refurbished dealers how fully inspect the units, repair them and then sell them at lower costs.

Customer can return phones if they malfunction under the product warranty, retailers give these goods to refurbishment departments who run diagnostics on the phone after it has been taken apart, determine all the errors and then fix them accordingly. The product is then tested to ensure that it works as intended and then it is resold at a cost that is obviously much lower.     
All sellers will have their own process of servicing the gadgets that they sell, offer extended warranties and returns polices. Look for certifications and track records to ensure that you get the best that your money can get you.    

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