Go Green with Refurbished Mobiles & Tablets

World is trying its best for going green in every aspect of life to reduce emission of green gas and carbon foot print. Using refurbished mobiles and tablets is one such organic way to adapt green lifestyle to save our planet from the threat of global warming and impending mega disaster. Togofogo.com supports this “going green” resolution by selling refurbished tablets and mobile handsets at amazingly discounted price. While you will buy a quality used tablet or a perfectly working second hand mobile sets, you will be enjoying profit from three aspects.

Perfect quality of Refurbished products

Be it is a tablet or a mobile phone, Togofogo maintains its best quality while selling a refurbished product. The products sold here are not always used products. Sometimes customers find the products with minor manufacturing faults and they return it to the retailers. Refurbished products sold by Togofogo are mostly these slightly defective products returned by customers, thoroughly serviced by manufacturers and tested and certified by Togofogo quality assurance team for resale on board. The customers are looking for mobile and tablets at low cost will find these products perfectly working as new products with impeccable service quality but at lucrative discounted rate.

All products are covered by manufacturer’s warranty

Like a new product purchased from usual retail outlets, refurbished products purchased from Togofogo.com are covered with manufacturer’s warranty.  All refurbished tablets and mobiles arestrictly tested again, taken best care to make them as good as new by using authentic parts by the manufacturer as well as major cosmetic defects are thoroughly rectified, if any, and the products get repacked properly. The refurbished mobiles and tablets are offered to customers from Togofogo.com inventory with due warranty and efficient after-sales support like a new product purchased from online shopping portal but at half price of the new product.

Why refurbished products are better

All Togofogo.com products are anytime better than any common lot of second hand mobiles or tablets although these are sold to customers at knock down price. In addition to price advantage, these products offer some other buying advantages like:
Performance and warranty like a new product at much lower price,
    Refurbished gadgets are found rarely with defect because before selling, these products are stringently tested,
      In most of the cases the product is serviced by manufacturer, 
        Sometimes demo unites are sold as refurbished, which ensure better technology, sparingly used products at discounted price.

        Now going green at most budget price is really handy. Simply browse the website Togofogo.com and enjoy the privilege of purchase quality refurbished mobiles and tablets at great discounted price with all other online purchase benefits.
        Not only you will save money, by supporting 3R (reduce, recycle, and reuse) policy, you will take a firm step to save the planet…by Going Green