Best Games For Your Windows Mobile Phone

So you just bought a brand new windows mobile phone (or maybe a refurbished one because you shop smart) and now you need to fill it up with games because you are a mature adult! Seriously though, who doesn’t like some good games for free?! But more often than not, free games are just terrible and the good games are unfortunately not free. But worry not because we have your back in finding some of the best possible games for your windows mobile phone. Check out the list below!

1.      Threes!
It is a shocker that this game is free given that it is such an amazing catch. Although a comparatively brainy game (at least we can pretend to be adults right?), it will keep you hooked for hours straight! It challenges you to constantly add matching and compatible tiles as the screen fills up with every move. You have to get a certain number before the box fills up or you are out!

2.      Angry Birds Space
Although not as popular anymore, this game was once on the top of every ‘best game’ list ever. And it is no shocker given that it has been, and will always be one of the most entertaining games available in the app store till date! So take a walk down memory lane while shooting some very angry birds on the go!

3.      Snake Rewind
Let’s continue taking a walk down memory lane with another ever green game right on your windows mobile phones! It rose to popularity first through the basic Nokia phones and has been super popular with both adults and kids since then! And finally, it is back with a bang with the player’s mission being to feed every fruit piece to the snake without killing it!

4.      Subway Surfers
This is a classic you just cannot go wrong with. If you want to feel like a superhero while saving yourself from the angry policeman and his dog by jumping over trains, swapping lanes and having fun, this game is for you! The speed at which this game runs gives it a distinctive edge to an extent that you will be hooked in minutes, literally!

5.      Candy Crush Saga
This is not even a game, it is like a phenomenon nowadays. Everyone has it! However, do not be deceived by its looks because this game starts off as a very simple one and becomes harder as you go one level up. This ‘three matcher’ game may look like a child’s play but it will grab you with it’s tricky stages, viciously placed fruit pieces and running time! The trick is to stay calm and match three pieces of the same fruit (or more for bonus pints!)

6. Wordament
Another smart people’s game, if you ace this one, you can officially claim to be a lord of words! Seriously though, download this game to increase your vocabulary right through your windows mobile phone! You can even challenge your friends for friendly competitions and compete with them to find the most number of words while having fun and increasing your knowledge!

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