Let Love Speak the Smarter Language

With Valentine Day Just around the corner, you must have already started searching for the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Remember, times have changed. Flowers, chocolates and heart shaped balloons are so passé.  People these days prefer more stylish and much more useful gifts even for Valentine’s Day. Today’s generation, is a generation of gadget lovers, electronic junkies and belonging to a “connected world”. So, what could be a better gift than buying them a Smartphone this Valentine’s Day. Smartphones are a great gift for people of any age, gender or background. Smartphones have become such a necessity that anyone would simply love to get it as a gift.

However, Smartphones aren’t really the cheapest gift that you can buy and we understand that not everyone will necessarily have such high budgets to express their love. But we still believe in the power of love and feel it should be expressed in the best possible manner. Hence, it is for all such people who wish to make their Valentine’s day special at extremely nominal prices, that we, at Togofogo, have launched a special Valentine Sale.

As a part of this Valentine sale, you get upto 85% off on refurbished, pre-owned and box-opened mobile phones. Yes, you heard it right! Upto 85% off on refurbished Smartphones from leading brands like Samsung, Oppo, Moto, Apple, Vivo, HTC and many more. To make it even more special, you get an additional 10% off on your purchases between 7th February till 14th February on all these leading brands. All you need to do is pick any refurbished, pre-owned or box-opened smartphone from Togofogo.com and avail these great discounts only during the Valentine Sale which is on from 7th February till 14th February.

It's not just this discount that is offered, if you pick any brand-new phone from Togofogo, you get an additional 1 year warranty beyond the manufacturer’s warranty, from our side. Now, isn’t that amazing? Getting a 2-year warranty on your new phone! There is no other place that offers such amazing deals to its consumers.

As a part of this Valentine Day sale, Togofogo, will also be launching a contest called #PhoneWalaLove on Facebook and Twitter. The contest will run on Togofogo’s Facebook and Twitter Pages from 10th February till 13th February. All that participants need to do is answer some simple questions that will be posted on the Facebook page or the twitter handle. They must like and share the post on Facebook and put their answers in the comment section. The twitter users need to put their answers retweet and follow Togofogo’s twitter page.That’s it and you can be eligible for exciting free gifts from Togofogo. Just remember, to be eligible, you need to answer all questions, like, share and follow all contest related posts and be creative in your answers. The most creatively logical answer shall win the contest. Of course, that is for our judges to decide though! Total of 3 winners will be getting surprise gifts from Togofogo.

So, what are you waiting for, start following Togofogo’s Facebook pages and Twitter page, make the most of the Valentine sale and let your love speak the smarter language.