Apple Software Updates Refine, But Don’t Revolutionize

Get ready for the new free software updates, includes battery improvements, smarter virtual assistant and many more updates, iOS 9.

I hope Apple Lovers will enjoy these new features and capabilities in the update, iOS 9 especially as new apps often require the latest version to work.

Apple Watch also was supposed to get a software update Wednesday, but that got delayed because Apple found a bug. A separate Mac update, known as El Capitan, is expected this fall.
Some additional feature such as 3D touch contextual menus requires the new iPhone that are coming existing week.

·         Battery life improvements, the new low power mode reduce or turn off nonessential tasks such as visual effects and automatic downloads.

·         Notification section is also updated. You can easily swipe down from the top edge for missed notifications, with the most recent on top. You can restore grouping by app in the settings.
·         Sleeping in is also updated. In this if you choose a particular song as your alarm sound, the song will play automatically when you off the alarm or hit snooze. The alarm will automatically stop when song ended.

·         Security has also some updates. Security system is more secure than previous.  Newstand icon is replaced by an unrelated news service.

·         Passbooks get replaced by Wallets. These are the some updates which you will see on Wednesday.