Amazing Response to New Year New Phone Contest Hosted by TogoFogo on Facebook

Togofogo hosted a contest on New Year. The name, New Year New Phone contest tells us about the theme. The contest was started on 1st January 2016 and ended on 5th January 2016. The objective of contest was to make 2015 a memorable year.  During the tenure of contest, the zest among the participants had overflown which results in the overwhelming response of the contest. The engagement ratio was twice as compared to regular. There was heavy engagement on each and every post related to the contest. The contest was about generic questions viz. happy memory of year 2015, top mobile brands of the year 2015 etc. Total 10 questions were asked in the contest. The audience participated in the contest with zeal to become a winner. All the participants were awesome on ground of giving answer to the questions; however, we focused on logical & creative answers. Though, the way how participants are answering, sharing and liking was the main catch of the event.

Here are some measures that are really surprising:
  •      500+ people shared the post
  •      170+ people comments on the post
  •      170+ post likes
  •      Totally 130 participants participated

Togofogo has organized contest many times but the response of New Year New Phone contest was stupendously fantastical. The prize for the contest was Samsung Galaxy S Duos 7562 Blue. We have announced 3 winners of the contest. The massive response of the contest has proved the love and affection of audience towards Togofogo. We thank you all for the support you gave us. We will be coming soon with lots of offers and interesting contests. #NewYearNewPhone