Dilwalo Ki Toli Khele #SelfieWaliHoli

Holi hain! Remember the last time you screamed with joy, throwing the colour splash on your neighbour from your balcony, smeared your friend with all colours that you could get your hands on, and applied little gulal on uncleji’s cheek with due respect, and waited for gujia? (And uselessly hoped for more pocket money) But once you got the handful of guijia from his plate, you ran out to your friends back to the carefree way to play holi! Everyone in the street was in terror of your water balloons and your water gun. You were waiting to catch a glimpse of someone special with gulal in their hands, hoping it was for you, while humming in your heart... apne hi rang main rang de mujhko... All those are memories etched in your head. The pictures you have are the ones where you are posing nicely with friends and family with a token pichkari in your hand and someone with a tray of gulal! Brrrrrrraaah! That not even close to how you remember that holi! But then, you didn’t have a smart phone back then.
But now, you have them. You can now create the memories with real selfies of all the great stuff you did, which you later wish you hadn’t. And the selfie will remind you of that great time forever.  After all, it’s just once a year you can soak someone wet in middle of the street, paint them with all the colours of the earth, and get with it all with just ‘Holi Hain!’

This year to celebrate the craziness of the season, Togofogo bring you the contest to share your cherished memories of holi and stand a chance to win a surprise gift. Share with us your most memorable moment of holi, that you were able to capture as a selfie. Tag it with #Selfiewaliholi. Share it with us on facebook and twitter (see our facebook page and twitter handle #togofogo for more details) and we will reward the best selfie with an amazing surprise gift. Holi is never celebrated alone. So there won’t be only one prize! We are giving away two prizes. Yes, two surprise gifts for the selfies of two best, craziest, funniest and cutest holi moments of your lives. You can post only one entry per person, so remember to share you best selfie. Let it show your craziest side. And remember to share them between 12th March and 14th March only, or else your selfie may not be eligible for the surprise gift.

Keep watching the Togofogo facebook and twitter page. Because that is where the winners will be announced. And don’t forget to share and tag togofogo in your comments. Till then go out with colours in your hand and your partners in crime by your side while humming...Saat rang main khel rahi hian....